Faculty and Staff

Educating Students To The Glory of God

At Augustine School, our faculty and staff bring their unique qualifications and experience toward the goal of educating children and young adults to the glory of God. The following characteristics describe the typical Augustine faculty member:

  • An expressed belief and practice of the historic Christian faith within a local church context
  • A love of learning and commitment to the pursuit of wisdom
  • A deep-rooted joy in contributing to the growth and education of children
  • A commitment to participating and investing in the broader school community

For those who are interested in teaching at Augustine School, please feel free to download and submit our Faculty Application. We also recommend you read The Lost Tools of Learning by Dorothy Sayers to begin to understand Augustine School’s philosophy of education.

Those who know, do. Those that understand, teach.
- Aristotle

Augustine School Staff

Dr. Seth Drown
Dean of Academic Affairs

Donna Nelson
School Administrator

Laura Lee Andre
Director of Admissions

Lisa Hussey
School Accountant

Landon Preston
Director of Development

Abby Helms
Director of Marketing

Augustine School Faculty

Explorers (Pre-K – Kindergarten)

Lindsey Carson

Mary Milton
Kindergarten Teacher

Lower School (Grades 1-5)

Ellen Tilleros
Lower School Director

Kelli Hail
First Grade

Cathy Windham
Second Grade

Adam Lang
Third Grade

Alyssa Marshall
Fourth Grade

Julie Chhim
Fifth Grade

Christian Winters
Sixth Grade and Lower School Latin

Abby Helms
Lower School Art

Caroline Hull
Lower School Music

Ellen Bennett
Lower School Grace & Poise

Christian Winters
Lower School Battlemasters

Upper School (Grades 6-12)

Dr. Seth Drown
Upper School Humanities

Kevin Vailes
Upper School Humanities

Aaron O’Kelley
Bible and Theology

Josh Edgren
Upper School Science & Math

John Winfree
Upper School Greek

Abby Helms
Upper School Art Teacher

Mindy Essary
Upper School Music Teacher

Liz Vailes
College Counselor

Afternoons @ Augustine

Liz Vailes
Afternoons Director

Laurie Duffey
Afternoons Staff

Joan Garner
Afternoons Staff

Brooke Longley
Afternoons Staff