Pre-K - Kindergarten

The Pre-K and Kindergarten years are ripe for exploring. At Augustine School we seek to make the most of these years that are filled with joy and wonder to establish a love of learning that will stay with our Explorers through the rest of their lives.

Explorers Overview


Pre-K is an exciting time as students use their boundless energy to continuously learn and explore. For many four- and five-year olds, Pre-K is essential for school readiness. In addition to learning basic language, literature, art, and math skills, the Pre-K classroom setting is the best opportunity for young children to learn the social, behavioral, and emotional standards needed for Kindergarten learning.


Kindergarten is a time for listening to longer and more complex stories. Many children will begin reading in Kindergarten. In addition to the best children’s literature, kindergartners will listen to Bible stories and history stories. They will memorize poetry and learn to recite it while speaking clearly and standing still.

Learning the letter, letter sounds, common sight words, and word families helps them explore the wonders of language and gains skills that will help Kindergartners read more fluently. Of course, they are still children – play time is essential too! In addition to recess, Augustine kindergartners have the opportunity to play in various “centers” that in addition to being fun help reinforce lessons, train fine motor skills, and encourage imaginative play.

Program Distinctives:

  • Participation in group discussion, games, and projects
  • Letter recognition, writing, and phonics
  • Development of fine and large motor skills
  • Weekly memorization of Scripture, poetry, and catechism questions
  • Math in Focus (Singapore Math)
  • Riggs Institute Phonograms
  • Daily Recess
  • Weekly music lessons from a certified Kindermusik teacher
  • “Handwriting Without Tears” curriculum (Pre-K)
  • Zaner-Bloser Handwriting curriculum (Kindergarten)
  • Weekly drawing lessons
What we learn in childhood adheres to the mind and grows with it.
- Irenaeus of Lyons