Fine Arts

Art at Augustine School

The Fine Arts are an important aspect of a student’s education as well as providing an opportunity for the development of skills that can be useful in all of life. Students work with various media beginning in Lower School and work their way through the history of art by learning about and imitating the classics.

In addition to learning art history and experiencing various creative media,  students memorize a new artist statement each year:

  • 1st/2nd- “God is the ultimate artist.”
  • 3rd/4th- “Creation declares the glory of God.”
  • 5th/6th- “I am creative because I am an image bearer of God: the only true Creator.”
  • 7th/8th-“I must submit my viewing and creating of art to the lordship of Christ.”
  • 9th-12th- “The Christian life itself should be our greatest work of art.”

Music at Augustine School

Music is powerful. It has the power to represent and even to create the full range of human feeling and emotion in our souls. It is an essential means of praising and worshipping God. Our music instruction combines music history and appreciation with instruction in music theory and performance (both vocal and instrumental).

Some of the music program distinctives at Augustine include choir participation for all grades as well as instruction using recorders in the Lower School. Upper School students may audition for school honors choir each year, and several students try out and participate in All Northwest Choir.

Upper School Music Instruction Art On Display at Fine Arts Night

Annual Events

  • All Northwest Choir Participation
  • Color of Music Participation
  • Augustine Fine Arts Night