Physical Education

At Augustine School, we seek to help young people develop physically in ways that involve the whole person (body, mind, and, spirit), form good character and respect the God-given differences between boys and girls, knights and ladies.

Physical Education Overview


Battlemasters seeks to awaken the hero within each boy by using historically-based techniques and padded swords in a program that is fun while also teaching virtue. Each level of skill is also linked to a specific character trait (reverence, courage, self-control, courtesy, etc.)

Grace & Poise

Grace & Poise is a ballet-inspired program which helps young ladies learn to move gracefully and understand the basics of etiquette and deportment.

Upper School P.E.


As a part of their regular curriculum and schedule, our Upper School students spend several hours per week in girls’ and boys’ P.E. as an opportunity for regular exercise, a chance to learn new physical skills, and of course, to play games.