Community Events

Spring Symposium

Each time the new year rolls around, it is almost time for Augustine's annual spring event. Our goal each year is to highlight a contemporary issue and invite field experts to speak on vital topics of our day. Past events have featured prolific singer-songwriter and author Andrew Peterson, author and speaker Nancy Guthrie, apologist and scientist Stephen C Meyer, and more.

Andrew Peterson Spring 2018 Event Andrew Peterson Spring 2018 Event
Race Day Photo

Race Day

Race Day is Augustine's annual multi-level race and fundraiser that is open to the public. Each year participants compete and work through the challenges of our ever-changing obstacle course, with options for Family, Basic, and Extreme racers. Registration opens in the late Spring each year, so look for announcements on our social media as the summer approaches.

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Mommy & Me

Each month, Augustine hosts "Mommy & Me", a special time for Jackson-area families with children ages 2-4 to an hour of reading, crafting, and snacking together. Each month we have an Augustine parent or faculty member read a great book with descriptive language, beautiful illustrations, and interactive storylines. And at the end of every Mommy & Me, we even give away the book that was read to one lucky child!

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