Community Events

Spring Symposium

Each time the new year rolls around, it is almost time for Augustine's annual spring event. Our goal each year is to highlight a contemporary issue and invite field experts to speak on vital topics of our day. Past events have featured prolific singer-songwriter and author Andrew Peterson, author and speaker Nancy Guthrie, apologist and scientist Stephen C. Meyer, and more.


Andrew Peterson Spring 2018 Event Andrew Peterson Spring 2018 Event

Mommy & Me

Each month, Augustine hosts "Mommy & Me", a special time for Jackson-area families with children ages 2-4 to enjoy an hour of reading, crafting, and snacking together. We welcome an Augustine parent or faculty member to read a great book with descriptive language, beautiful illustrations, and interactive storylines. At the end of every Mommy & Me, we even give away the book that was read to one lucky child!

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