Our Classical Christian Model

Our unique educational model is built on two foundational elements: (1) A Classical approach to education and (2) a Christian foundation for learning. Learn more about what that means below.

Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

The Goal of Christian Education

At Augustine School we believe a distinctively Christian education means helping students learn to view all things in light of Jesus Christ. As our students begin to view reality through this lens of the Gospel, they can learn to submit their newfound knowledge to the universal Lordship of Christ under the guidance of older and wiser mentors and teachers.

The  great educational goal of Augustine School is to shape students in the knowledge and love of God. From the investment that they receive in and out of the classroom, students can become wise and virtuous persons who subject their knowledge to the universal lordship of Christ.

There is no greater joy for our faculty and staff at Augustine School than to see students embrace this truth, originally spoken by Augustine of Hippo (our school's namesake): That "our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Thee." As you investigate educational options for your student, we hope you consider this integral aspect of Christian education.

The Role of Classical Curriculum

Why choose Classical Education for your child? Classical education emphasizes the love of learning. In essence, classical education is an education committed to (1) words, (2) the past, (3) the classical languages, and (4) thinking, writing, and communicating well. Beyond simply getting a job or making money, at Augustine School we affirm that education is to help shape and form wise and virtuous young men and women who are learning to submit all things to the universal lordship of Christ. Click the button below to find an overview of our classical curriculum and download resources.

Classical Curriculum Overview

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