Every Sense for Perceiving, Every Tongue for Declaring Your Creator

A common mistake in the modern cultural imagination is to draw a stark divide between the subjects that fit under the heading “humanities” and those that fit under the heading “STEM”. Many regrettable consequences follow from this error. When we separate the humanities and the sciences, we not only run the risk of neglecting the humanities proper, but we also forget that science is an inherently human endeavor.

Why Bother Teaching Science?

By Adam Lang It’s a sad fact of teaching that students often don’t retain as much of the knowledge they learn as their teachers would like. Especially if that material is not built upon or reviewed, it can sometimes lead the despairing teacher to ask the question “Why bother?” Most people, when asked what they remember from high school biology, can tell me that “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell” and that’s about it.  So when I began teaching life sciences at Augustine School (Natural History of West Tennessee and Biology), I was thoughtful in asking what I …